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Aquatic water drones let you explore beneath the water and capture footage you’ve never dreamed of! Also called underwater drones, submersibles, or remotely-operated vehicles (ROVs), water drones let you “fly” beneath the water. They come in two basic types: one that moves more like a fixed-wing aircraft or torpedo for fast, straight journeys, and one that allows precise control using a variety of motors to move in any direction. These vehicles are an entirely new class of device, so you’ll need to experiment to find the best style and brand for your needs. We suggest renting several different aquatic water drones of varying sizes and capabilities to help discover the best fit before you purchase.

For hobby use, take an underwater drone on your next vacation or bring it to the local beach after work. You’ll be able to scope out the best diving locations and fishing spots before taking the plunge, all from the comfort of a boat or pier. Commercial users can inspect critical components of boats, docks, and other infrastructure beneath the waterline, saving thousands in diving costs. Renting a water drone before purchasing allows you to explore the possibilities in your nearest lake, river, or ocean.

All Shipped Rentals are subject to a 3-Day minimum Rental period.