The FIFISH is a world-leading unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) brand developed by QYSEA Technology Co., Ltd. and dedicated to providing a truly professional underwater drone for film and sports enthusiasts alike in their ocean explorations and adventures.

Established in 2016, QYSEA is committed to delivering high-quality R&D, manufacturing, and sales of underwater robots. It has broken industrial barriers to establish a leading market position with its innovative underwater drone technology. Most importantly, QYSEA is focused on bringing the public a greater ability to connect on with the underwater world along with its inhabitants and ecosystems, as well as to generate greater awareness on various ocean-related issues and topics.

At QYSEA, we have a passion for discovery in all things nature. It is our life-long goal to drive innovation, help others develop greater ocean knowledge, rebuild the marine industry, and bring the 2.0 Age of Discovery to the world. Here at QYSEA, you will find a product that will fit your profession, hobby, sport, passion for the oceans!

All Shipped Rentals are subject to a 3-Day minimum Rental period.