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Chasing - M2 Waterproof Remote Controller

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Deposit Amount : $ 190.00

Chasing Water Proof Remote Control With Screen Touch

High-brightness Screen with Precise Control

Applicable to Chasing M2, Chasing M2 PRO and Chasing M2 Pro Max

It is a drone remote controller with excellent control experience

WSRC is provided with a 7-inch high-brightness touch screen, easy to operate and responsive, set with shortcut keys to realize human-computer integration, and available to multiple connection modes and two communication frequency bands to ensure stable and reliable connection and transmission.

It is designed with multiple common ports to satisfy various requirements, as well as IP 65 protection level to adapt to harsh environment and maintain stable performance in hot or rainy days. Moreover, it is equipped with an intelligent human-computer interaction system, which is energy-saving and safe. 

Chasing WSRC can work for up to 4 consecutive hours

The touch screen is designed with a 5-point industrial touch, which is easy to operate and responsive. Chasing WSRC is equipped with a sun visor, making the screen still clear under direct sunlight. Thanks to its IP65 waterproof performance, Chasing WSRC is protected from any damage caused by splashing water whether it sails at sea or works in rainy days. 

Chasing WSRC has 9 uncomplicated shortcut keys.

WSRC supports three connection modes: WIFI, external mobile network card and wired network. It will not be disturbed by the complex signal in work and keep the transmitted data confidential.

In addition to the ROV connection port, Chasing WSRC is also equipped with 1 network port (used for network cable connection or connection to two remote controllers through the network port to enter the "Observer Mode"), 1 USB-C port (used to charge the remote controller), 2 USB ports (used to insert a USB flash drive and connect a mobile phone for data transmission), and 1 HDMI port (used to connect an external display screen) 

WSRC is equipped with an intelligent high-temperature warning interface which will give a prompt if the temperature is too high

Chasing WSRC serves as a work tool, but also and iPad to listen to music, watch movies, etc. The data acquired underwater can be broadcast live by Chasing GO1 APP, and the data saved locally can be sent by the Chasing WSRC through email, social networking software, work software, etc. immediately. 

IP Rating: IP65