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Cinematography Sensors

When you’re ready to take your drone Photography / Cinematography to the next level, consider renting a modular drone camera and lens for your DJI series professional drone. Available in several distinct sensor sizes, you can rent a camera in the DJI Zenmuse series that includes a stabilized 3-axis gimbal mount for the Inspire 2 or Insprie 3. The DJI X7 series, for example, has a Super 35mm sensor and uses the new DJI DL-mount lenses for a lightweight and purpose-built aerial imaging package. The Zenmuse X8 series is based on the Full Frame sensor and can take a wide variety of lenses from manufacturers such as Panasonic, Olympus, DJI, and other companies.

Both aerial photography / cinematography are possible and easy with these new stabilized drone cameras available for rent. Still photos from these systems rival traditional SLR images, while the videos, in resolution up to 8K, match or exceed the sharpness, detail, and dynamic range from ground-based professional systems from legacy makers such as Red and Arri. Purpose-built drone camera systems also have a distinct weight and controls advantage, so there’s no longer any drop in image quality when taking drone video or photos from the air.