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Quantum Systems


Transforming decision-making through aerial data intelligence.
Our mission at Quantum-Systems is to transform decision-making processes
for professionals through aerial data intelligence.

Whether for precision agriculture, pit mining, or the structural construction industry – our long-range, automatic transition aircraft capture and deliver data from above for enhanced and sustainable decision making. To fulfill this mission, we put great importance on the perfect interaction between hard- and software of our UAS. All components are developed 100% in-house in Germany.
This includes the hardware, the autopilot, as well as our QBase 3D Mission Planning and Control Software plus our own Ground Control Station. QBase 3D is perfectly tailored to our Trinity™, Vector™, and Scorpion™ UAS, making daily operation for the user as easy and intuitive as possible. No matter what the use case is.

Our eVTOL UAS can be equipped with various professional sensors for a broad variety of applications. QBase 3D makes it easy to plan, survey, and record each mission. The images taken can be easily imported into any commonly used software tool for post-processing. Quantum-Systems drones are generally software and supplier independent. This way we give our customers the flexibility to choose the software they prefer and configure a solution that fits their individual needs for enhanced decision-making.

All Shipped Rentals are subject to a 3-Day minimum Rental period.