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SPRY – The World’s Only Waterproof Action Sport Drone – Rental

The Spry Waterproof drone is a fast compact action drone that can safely land on water. Relax and enjoy the freedom of flying, as your Spry remote controller can be used in the rain, sea spray and even take a dunking in the water. The joysticks, built-in monitor and all switches are protected against water yet work smoothly and precisely.

With the Spry drone, capture the action in 4K video at 30 frames per second or take crisp 12MP photos.

SPRY – The World’s Only Waterproof Action Sport Drone

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Compact & Portable


The Spry is compact, rugged and ready to join you on the water. The Spry comes complete with a custom, lightweight carry case so it’s easy to take with you on your next adventure.


Completely Waterproof


The Spry drone and its remote controller are waterproof and float. Purpose-built for action in the harsh marine environment with specially coated motors and corrosion resistant materials throughout. Land and take off from the water with total peace of mind.


First-ever Waterproof Remote Controller 

Relax and enjoy total freedom while filming, as your Spry remote controller can be used in the rain, sea spray and even take a dunking in the water. The joysticks, built-in monitor and all switches are protected against spray yet work smoothly and precisely.


Real 4K Camera – Get the Big Picture

Being small doesn’t mean you have to compromise image quality. The Spry’s onboard camera features a Sony 1/2.3” CMOS sensor paired with a lens that minimizes fisheye distortion for natural-looking images.

With the Spry drone, capture the action in 4K video at 30 frames per second or take crisp 12MP photos.

The Spry combines a vertical axis mechanical gimbal with optional electronic stabilization (EIS) to provide a dynamic, racing-drone point of view on the water impossible to get with any other drone.


Camera Dome

The Spry‘s 4K camera is completely enclosed in an optically-engineered, toughened glass dome that provides high transparency without distortion. A specially designed shade and glass coating help to filter out excessive glare and balance the harsh highlights often found on the water and snow.


Easy to Fly

Fast, waterproof but easy and fun to fly. Fly in GPS mode for automatic hover and hold control or switch to ATTI flight mode for a more direct piloting experience. For truly advanced pilots, the Spry can be configured to fly in Full Manual (ACRO) mode to put you in direct control of all drone functions – performing 3D flips and spins at full speed and even dive briefly underwater.

External Switch ON/OFF – An external waterproof switch allows you to power on or off the spry without opening the hatch lid.


High Agility

The Spry is designed from the ground up to achieve a new compact shape, which is streamlined for reduced drag and turbulence as well as being tough.


High-thrust motors and high-power ESCs push the speed limit of the Spry to over 65 KM/H in manual mode, easily take off from water, perform 3D flips and even dive briefly underwater.


The Spry drone is a dynamic drone for filming Boating, Surfing, Wakeboarding, Jet-skiing, Kayaking and Water skiing from a whole new perspective.


Autonomous Follow

The latest movement algorithms are built-in to make the auto follow-me and orbit functions smarter and more sensitive. Spry will follow the Remote Controller at a set distance and height – whether you are moving forward or backward, leading or chasing. The camera keeps you in the frame – no matter where your next move is. Achieve awesome footage single-handed.


Smart Orbit

Two orbits mode allow you to capture the action from all angles.  Choose the radius and speed of orbit and the Spry will track around a point of interest. Turn on Follow Me mode and the Spry will keep the waterproof remote controller’s position in the middle of its circle – even if it is moving.


Return to Me

When you’re out on the water, you need a drone that keeps up with you. Most drones will return to their launch point if they lose reception. When the Spry flies out of range or you want it to return to you, the drone will automatically return to the position of the remote controller – wherever you are. With our “Return to Me” feature, your Spry will return to you even on a moving boat.


Full APP Control

More smart flight features are available by pairing your mobile device to the remote controller with the Spry  APP controlOne Key LaunchMission PlanningTap-to-FlyFollow MeAuto-Return


  • Drone
  • 3 batteries
  • remote control
  • 2 sets of props
  • charger
  • carry case


Waterproof Level: IP67

Diameter (motor to motor): 270mm

Dimensions (LxWxH): 233.5 x 249 x 90mm

Weight: 780g (with battery)

Propulsion Motors: Brushless 2206 1420KV

Motor Control ESC: 30A

Propellers: #6045

Aircraft Battery: 3S 2800mAh HiLV

Battery Weight: 222g

Charging Time: 90 Minutes

Video Transmitter: 5.8G 8CH

Video Transmission Power: 200mW

Flight Time: 15~17 mins

Max Flying Range: 800m

Max Flying Altitude: 200m

Max Flying Speed: 18m/s (65 km/h)

Max Climbing Speed: 4m/s (240m/min)

Max Following Speed: 10m/s (36 km/h)

Spatial Positioning System: Dual Satellites – GPS/GLONASS

Hovering Precision: ±0.5m

Wind Resistance: < 10m/s

Working Temperature: -10C°~ 40C°

Proprietary Flight Controller: Yes

OSD integrated (On Screen Display): Yes

Mobile APP control: Yes

Flight modes: Auto-Take Off, Auto-Hover, Follow Me, Return to Remote Controller Location, Orbit Fly, Tap to Fly, Mission Planning


Remote Controller

Waterproof Level: IP67 (float on water)

Weight: 560g (including battery)

Frequency Band: 2405 ~ 2475HM

Number of Channels: 8ch

Controlling Range: 0.8 KM

Receiver Sensitivity (1%PER): -105dbm

Working Current: 120 mA

Battery Capacity: Built in 2S 2000mAh LiPo

Working hour: 2hours

Charging Time: 90 Minutes


FPV Monitor

Frequency Band: 5645 ~ 5965HMZ

Screen Size: 4.3 inch

Resolution: 800 x 480 Pixels

Brightness: 600 cd/m²



Image Sensor: SONY 1/2.3” CMOS, 1200M

Lens: F4.53mm f/2.65

FOV: 92.6°

ISO Range: 100-1600

Photo Resolution: 12MP (16:9)

Video Resolution: 4K 30FPS (3840*2160) | 2.5K 60FPS (2560*1440) | 1080P 30/60/120FPS (1920*1080) | 720P 240FPS (1280*720)

Max Video Bitrate: 64mbps

Photo Format: JPEG

Video Format: MOV MP4

Storage: Class 10 high speed or UHS-1 Micro SD card and above specifications Micro SD card, maximum support 64GB