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Tested and trusted ground control solution for drone surveying


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AeroPoints work anywhere, with any drone and any software

Rugged, lightweight and portable, AeroPoints work in any location, with any GPS enabled drone (including RTK), with any coordinate reference system and any processing software including, Pix4D and Agisoft, as well as our own Propeller Platform.

Unparalleled ground control solution


Manually creating ground control points can take hours, reducing the efficiency you get from drones. AeroPoints reduce this to minutes. With a simple one-button activation, the inbuilt GPS records its position while you fly.


Using the AeroPoints data is just as easy as they automatically upload their recorded coordinates after the flight. Simply log into the Propeller Platform and select how you want your GCPs to be processed and corrected.


AeroPoints are trusted by industry and drone professionals in 19 countries with over 1500 surveys complete to date. Their ability to deliver sub 20mm accuracy has been independently tested by our customers numerous times.

What you get with your purchase:

2x AeroPoints Bags

AeroPoints come packed in durable, hi-vis bags, making them easy to store and carry around your worksite.

2x AeroStencils

AeroStencils make it easy to use AeroPoints to create semi-permanent and permanent ground control points.

AeroPoints processing

Every AeroPoints purchase includes 12 months of unlimited processing and corrections.

Propeller Platform

Process up to 3 of your image sets with your AeroPoints data into accurate 2D and 3D models you can explore, measure and communicate.

Find out how AeroPoints will work for your site

Sites on a global coordinate system

In a range of Propeller Corrections Network, you will get survey-grade global accuracy every time. Even in remote areas, you can still get high internal accuracy using an AeroPoint as a base station or just laying them out.

Sites with a permanent mark

You can calibrate your AeroPoints with an existing permanent survey mark, including State Marks by placing an AeroPoint over the mark and upload the mark’s position with your AeroPoints data.

Sites with a base station

If you want your drone data to have the same reference point as your other data, you can import a RINEX file with your AeroPoints. Great for construction sites with machine control.

Sites with a local grid

You can ensure your drone data is completely aligned with your machine control, design and other site data by uploading a Point Pair file to calibrate AeroPoints with your Local Grid coordinates.

  • AeroPoints included in the set: x10
  • 2x AeroPoints Bags
  • 2x AeroStencils
  • AeroPoints processing
  • Propeller Platform

AeroPoints are the world’s only ground control points designed specifically for drones. The easiest and the most efficient way to make drone data survey-grade, AeroPoints are an essential part of every professional drone operation.

Manufacturer Specifications

Can I buy a smaller set of AeroPoints?

No – they’re only available in minimum sets of 10. It’s important to us that AeroPoints deliver reliable, accurate data every time. More points means redundancy if they get accidentally moved or covered, improved accuracy, and extra data for checkpoint verification.

Do I need a Propeller subscription to use AeroPoints?

For AeroPoints to work, you need to maintain a subscription to Propeller Correction Network. It’s included with your purchase for the first 12 months.

After the first year, if you have any current Propeller Platform license, you get the Network subscription for free.

If you aren’t using the Propeller platform, the Network subscription is just $600 a year.

Can I use AeroPoints with other cloud- or desktop-based processing solutions?

Yes – we make the control point data easy to export in CSV, KML and PDF formats.

Even if you do your own processing, you can upload the mapping outputs (orthomosaics and DEMs) for visualisation, sharing and measuring in Propeller’s industry leading platform.

How quickly will the location data be available after the AeroPoint is connected to WiFi?

Points are available within 24 hours after uploading. This varies based on local providers and in many places it’s much faster.

What is the minimum/maximum operating temperature?

AeroPoints work from -20ºC/0ºF up to 40ºC/104ºF (ambient temperature).

What level of moisture/dust can they handle?

AeroPoints are water resistant, dust proof and they’ll be fine even in moderate rain.

If I order my set now, when should I expect my AeroPoints to arrive?

AeroPoints are now available. Delivery time may vary depending on freight to your location but usually is up to 7 business days.

What area can I cover with a set of AeroPoints?

A set of 10 AeroPoints will get accurate results on areas up to 120ha (300 acres). Even for the smallest surveys such as a single building we still recommend putting all of your AeroPoints – it’s easy to do, and gives you the ability to verify accuracy and avoid accidental movement or obstruction ruining your survey.

We recommend 2 sets of 20 AeroPoints for high accuracy on areas up to 350ha (865 acres).

How long do AeroPoints need to be running to get good accuracy?

We recommend they stay active for at least 45 minutes in order to record enough positioning data sets to be survey-grade accurate. As you can start flying as soon as they are activated, they have been running for long enough by the time you are ready to pick them up.

Do AeroPoints come with a warranty?

We offer a standard 1 year international warranty from the date of dispatch. Within that time, we will repair or replace faulty AeroPoints if necessary.

Will AeroPoints work in my area?

Propeller’s AeroPoints work everywhere in the world where there’s solid ground and sky. If they are in range of our Corrections Network, they will automatically deliver survey-grade accuracy, but there are a number of other methods you can use. Read here to learn how.

Where do AeroPoints record  their height from?

The height in the report is the top of the AeroPoint. That’s the point you use in the georeferencing process when you have the AeroPoint in the survey images.

If you’re processing images that instead contain a stencil mark or ground marker (ie the point the AeroPoint was placed over), you need to subtract the thickness of the AeroPoint (32mm) from the report height. You can download the survey report in CSV format and use Excel to subtract 0.032m (or 0.105ft) from the elevation you use.

Note that if you use Propeller’s cloud processing, we’ll handle this for you.