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Parrot Sequoia Multi-spectral Sensor – Buy NEW

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  • Sequoia Sensor
  • Sunshine Sensor

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Sequoia Multi-spectral Sensor

Small and Packed With Power

Weighing in at 107 grams, and measuring 59mm x 41mm x 28mm the Sequoia?is tiny. But size isn’t all the Sequoia has going for it, it also has incredible data capturing abilities. It has a?16 MP RGB image, great for digital scouting. Equipped with a multi-spectral camera and sensor, this small device can capture red, green, red edge, near infrared.?? This means that you can capture both visual and multi-spectral data in one flight with one camera!? No need to land and swap sensors and do multiple mapping missions of the same area!? This sensor also has a sunshine sensor, meaning it can accurately calibrate the camera according to the lighting situation.

Can be used to make Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) maps.? This is the perfect all round tool for agriculture and other uses.? You get more spectral data than you would by only using an NDVI camera.

Not only can this sensor capture accurate data, but it can store a lot of it too. It has an internal storage capacity of 64GB, which can store up to 10 flights. If that’s not enough storage for you, there’s also an extra SD card slot so you can put a memory card in. You can also access the data easily and quickly with wifi capabilities and USB ports. And thanks to it’s USB port, you don’t have to worry about charging the Sequoia or providing batteries, it gets its power from the drone its attached to.
sequoia sunshine sensor allows for image calibration according to sunlight.

Designed For Every Drone

The Sequoia is perfect for both fixed wing and multi-rotor drones. And, because of it’s small size and weight, its great for small drones too.

sequoia attached to drone at blue skies drone rental

Designed For Agriculture

The Sequoia sensor gathers calibrated data and both visible and invisible pictures, allowing you to keep track of your crop health. The sequoia can help you find problems in your field, control crop irrigation, estimate crop yield, optimize pesticide input, and refine fertilization. This?is the tool you need to be efficient and successful this year.

Sequoia Documents

View the Data Sheet

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Download the White Paper

In The Box

Comes With

  • Sequoia sensor
  • Sunlight Sensor
  • 64 GB Internal Memory

Does Not Come With

  • Drone
  • Calibrated Reflectance Panel


  • 4 spectral cameras 1.2 Mpx 10 bit global shutter
  • Up to 1 FPS
  • RGB camera 16 Mpx rolling shutter
  • Configuration over wifi
  • IMU + Magnetometer
  • 64 GB Internal Memory
  • 72 g

Sunshine Sensor

  • 4 sensors with the same filters as the body
  • GPS
  • IMU + magnetometer
  • SD card
  • 1W
  • 35g