Drone Deploy

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  • Easy to use
  • Low cost
  • Speedy results
  • Simple data processing
  • Integration with current modeling systems
  • Vertical application solution opportunities (agriculture, construction, mining, etc.)

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Create aerial maps and 3D models easily with DroneDeploy! You can transform drones into powerful mapping tools with the DroneDeploy app, which is now available on Android and iOS platforms. The DroneDeploy app helps automate your flight by capturing photos which then can be uploaded to the DroneDeploy website to create 2D maps, digital elevation models, and 3D models. You can turn simple imagery into powerful information with annotations, volumetric analysis, and NDVI analysis. All of these things can then help you make better decisions for your business.



Map + 3D Model Processing Unlimited Unlimited
Max Photo Upload per Mapi 1,000 3,000
Max 2D Resolution 2 cm/pixel 1 cm/pixel
Processing Priority ++ +++
Support Email + Chat Email + Chat
Android + iOS Mobile App X X
Annotations + Collaboration i X X
NDVI + Elevation Layers i X X
Volume Measurement i X X
Map + 3D Export i X X
Shapefile + Contour Export i X
RTK + Custom Coordinates i X
User Management X
Co-Branded Portal i X
Ground Control Points i $75 per map


For detailed instructions/videos on getting DroneDeploy set up, see this tutorial.