DJI S900 Spreading Wings

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Product Description

Weighing just 3.3kg, the S900 has a maximum takeoff weight of 8.2kg. This means you can easily carry most cameras and gimbals. Used with a 6S 12000mAh battery, it can fly for up to 18 minutes*. *Maximum flight time is tested on a breezeless day with a payload of 6.8kg, hovering at a height of 2 meters.

  • This is an uber professional quality drone perfect for professions photo/video productions, construction, research & development, real estate photography, surveying, and more!

  • Retractable landing gear!  Never worry about the props or landing gear getting in your perfect shot!

  • Extract still photos from the high quality 4k video.  The 3-axis gimbal makes the video capture incredibly smooth, even when maneuvering!

  • With the Zenmuse Z15-BMPCC gimbal, supports other gimbals including GH4 gimbal.

  • Live 1080p HD video feed First Person View (FPV) using DJI Lightbridge 2 technology for increased awareness and flight experience.  Full functionality of the DJI app with camera settings adjustment, On Screen Display (OSD) of flight data, FPV, return to home, satellite map overlay, and more!

  • 1.2 mile range and FPV live video feed at 1080p 60fps!

  • Large Payload–attach your custom payloads for industry or research and development.

  • Numerous Camera Options



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In The Box

Comes With

  • S900 Platform

  • Inspire 1 style DJI 2 lightbridge remote and receiver

  • Two 6 cell batteries (one 16,000 maH and one 12,000 mah)

  • A2 flight controller system

  • Blackmagic pocket cinema camera gimbal gimbal (BMPCC gimbal)

  • Assembled and flight tested unit

Does Not Come With

  • Charger or power supply

  • Camera of your choice

  • Smart phone or tablet (you must provide own compatible device)


Manufacturer Information


Diagonal Wheelbase900mm
Frame Arm Length358mm
Frame Arm Weight
(Including Motor, ESC, Propeller )
Center Frame Diameter272mm
Center Frame Weight (with Landing Gear Mounting Base, Servos)1185g
Landing Gear Size460mm(Length)×450mm(Width)×360mm(Height)


Working Current40A
Working Voltage6S LiPo
Signal Frequency30Hz ~ 450Hz
Drive PWM Frequency8KHz
Weight(with Radiators)35g

Flight Parameters

Takeoff Weight4.7Kg ~ 8.2Kg
Total Weight3.3Kg
Power BatteryLiPo (6S、10000mAh~15000mAh、15C(Min))
Max Power Consumption3000W
Hover Power Consumption1000W (@6.8Kg Takeoff Weight)
Hover Time18min (@12000mAh& 6.8Kg Takeoff Weight)
Working Environment Temperature-10 °C ~ +40 °C


Stator Size41×14mm
Max Power500W
Weight(with Cooling Fan)158g

Foldable Propeller (1552/1552R)

MaterialHigh strength performance engineered plastics

Gain Value Settings

A2 flight controllerBasic: Roll 110%, Pitch 110%, Yaw 120%
Attitude: Roll 220%, Pitch 220%, Vertical 120%