DJI Matrice 210 Quadcopter and Laser Methane Copter (LMC) with UAV Mount – BUY NEW

DJI Matrice M210 with Methane Detector

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This is the world’s first sensor for UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) to detect and measure methane gas.

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DJI Matrice 210 Quadcopter and the LMC with mount.

From production through processing and transmission, to distribution; an impressive number of applications can be realized with the new Laser Methane Copter (LMC).

Applications are line, tank and asset inspections, landfill emission monitoring, and surveys in difficult to access areas that previously required scaffolding. The booming LNG and the shale gas industries are other markets with huge opportunities for leak detection services with the LMC sensor.

The LMC sensor is designed to fit on a large variety of UAVs / drones. The base for the sensor is our proven Laser Methane mini instrument. The additional on-board LMC data grabber records the flown track together with the gas concentration in ppm*m. The data is available for reporting immediately following the flight and can be easily exported in a comprehensive leak survey report.


LMC – Laser Methane Copter at a glance:

  • Tracks the inspected route with coordinates and gas concentration
  • Independent system
  • Immediately usable with almost every UAV with payload capabilities >1.5 lbs.
  • Easy data export for reporting
Target GasMethane (CH4) and methane-containing gases (natural gas and similar)
Detection Unitppm*m
Detection Limits1 ~ 50,000 ppm*m
Detection Speed0.1 seconds
Distance1.5 ft. – 100 ft. / 0.5 – 30 meters
Weight (gas sensor incl. data grabber)approx. 635 gram / 1.4 lbs
Operating Timeapprox. 5 hours
Max. Wind Speed10 mps
Operating Temperature-1.4°F – 120°F / -17°C – 50°C
Operating Humidity30 – 90 % (no dew condensation)

Specifications subject to change without notice.