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We own and maintain our own fleet of rental drones, cameras & sensors.  As a drone rental outfit, we are constantly refurbishing our drones to keep them in top functional shape. We constantly need to phase out older drone models in favor of the latest and greatest aerial equipment.  Take advantage of our great prices as we phase out used models.

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3D Robotics Aero-M – Buy USED

As Is

-Features Canon S100 High Resolution Camera
-40 Minutes Of Flight Time! 1KM Range
-Pixhawk Autopilot System
-Hard Top Travel Case
-Customized Upgrades Available Based On User Preference
-Global International Shipping
-Variety Of Professional Applications!
-See Detailed Description Below!

NOTE: This drone is no longer in production, and the manufacturer 3D Robotics is no longer in the drone manufacturing business.

$ 5,999.00 $ 799.00
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