Fixed Wing

Drones with large traditional airplane-style wings are called fixed-wing drones. These UAVs are generally launched in two distinct styles: assisted (either hand-thrown or with a guiding platform), or VTOL (vertical take-off and landing which means that the drone can take-off and land autonomously).


These drones have much longer wings than the rotors on quadcopters or other drones that can carry the same payload. These wings provide improved efficiency and allow the best fixed-wing drones to fly for up to two hours on the same battery that would power a rotor drone for just 30 minutes. Fixed-wing drones make-up for their large size by disassembling into separate wings and fuselage portions, allowing you to transport them in a relatively small container.


Manufacturers such as Quantum Systems, Parrot and SenseFly all provide professional-quality drones that can handle a variety of payloads. The largest of these industrial aircraft can fly nearly 100 miles per hour and carry several pounds of camera gear or other sensors. Renting a fixed-wing drone will help you learn the features and benefits of these unique aircraft while you understand how their capabilities match your needs.

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Trinity F90 Plus VTOL Fixed Wing Mapping with PPK – Rental

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