Fixed Wing

Airplane style drones with long endurance, perfect for pleasure flying, scouting, training, and for longer mapping missions of larger areas.

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eBee SenseFly Plus PPK Activated – Rental

To Purchase or for lease terms, please Ask for a custom quote.

Available as New, Used and Rental.

$ 298.00
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Parrot Disco FPV, Includes R/C & FPV Goggles – Rental

Parrot Disco FPV, Includes R/C & FPV Goggles Buy brand new or rent a Parrot Disco FPV today! Parrot Disco FPV is the perfect gift for the flying or RC hobbyist. Get the amazing sensation of flying adventure without being in the cockpit of an aircraft. This fixed wing RC is also the perfect trainer for those looking to step up to other fixed wing platforms for professional / commercial use such as mapping, surveying, etc. Total immersion FPV experience with the cockpit glasses. Buy new or rent one today! We are a Parrot authorized re-seller. 1 Parrot Disco: fixed-wing drone 1 High-capacity battery: 2700 mAh 1 Charger cable 1 USB cable 1 User guide 2 Additional propeller glades 1 …

$ 43.00
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