Larger professional and industrial drones can carry flexible payloads and give you nearly unlimited choices. Renting a drone payload is the best way to determine your optimal flight capacity and total takeoffer weight or balance points. When you’re satisfied with the combination of drone and payload through your long-term or short-term rental, you can then invest buying the chosen payload for your drone.


Payloads for drones can be as simple as a camera and gimbal, or as complex as a large magnetometer. One novel application we rent is a spreader unit that can be used to evenly distribute seeds, fertilizer, pesticides or other small particles over a large area, autonomously. Imagine planting an entire hillside with cover crops or other small seeds without risking a treacherous and steep climb! This is just one of the exciting drone payloads available for rent.

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DJI Ronin-MX – Rental

The Ronin-MX from DJI is dual-use gimbal suitable both for mounting on the Matrice 600 aerial platform as well as deployment closer to the ground. Improving over the Ronin-M, it features magnesium construction to yield high rigidity while keeping the weight down. The gimbal is suitable for cinema cameras, mirrorless cameras, and DSLRs weighing up to 10 pounds. Out of the box it supports two-operator operation, and includes a radio controller (transmitter) for the camera operator. There is also an optional Thumb Controller (available separately) for solo operation. When installed on the Matrice 600 aircraft, the gimbal can be controlled via the DJI GO app. An included universal mounting adapter allows it to be adapted for use with jibs, car mounts, and various other …

$ 63.00
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