Hyperspectral drone sensors allow complete understanding of the reflective wavelengths for your precision agricultural or inspection task. Hyperspectral sensor rentals from brands like Corning allow a complete, continuous look at the wavelengths studied, notably the visible and near-IR spectra. Hyperspectral continuous imaging provides a strong advantage over multispectral imaging that’s instead limited to discrete bands, or groups, of wavelengths. This type of drone imaging provides additional flexibility because you don’t need to choose filters or narrow-band sensors ahead of your flight; you can instead capture the entire spectrum possible in a single image. During post-processing, creation of nearly infinite combinations of NDVI images is easy when you have access to the full wavelength dataset with each image. Renting for your drone allows you to understand the power of hyperspectral imaging and test out the imaging workflow for your farm or research project before committing to the purchase investment.

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Corning microHSI 410 SHARK Hyperspectral Sensor – Rental

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Corning Hyperspectral Imaging provides hyperspectral sensors and full hyperspectral systems for all applications including precision agriculture, industrial, environmental monitoring, mining, and mineralogy. Corning’s microHSI™ family of hyperspectral sensors and systems combine the lowest size, weight and power (SWaP) in the industry with uncompromising performance, enabling deployment for challenging applications in limited payload and/or size constrained environments.

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