Going hiking and want to be able to take awesome shots of those rugged peaks and mountain lakes or see what is just over that ridge without climbing it?

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Chasing – Dory Underwater Drone ROV – Rental

Goes underwater. Goes easily anywhere with CHASING DORY Meet the world's smallest and most affordable 5-thruster palm-sized intelligent underwater drone that deep-dives up to 49 feet. CHASING DORY makes it easy to go to everywhere to explore reefs, lakes and rivers, inspect hulls and piers, or investigate fish habitat. Capture stunning 1080 FHD video and 2 MP images while viewing 720P live video on up to 2 mobile devices at once. Depth-Lock and ±45° adjustable Tilt-Lock modes help you navigate freely to capture the perfect shots from any angle. With Intelligent control algorithms and game-control maneuverability, CHASING DORY moves fluidly in all directions at speeds up to 3 knots! Duo device co-play puts one person in control of the drone …
$ 58.00
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DJI Matrice 210 Inspection Bundle – Rental

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This bundle includes the Matrice 210, Z30 Zoom Camera and Flir XTR 640 Resolution Thermal Camera.

$ 921.00
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DJI Mavic Pro Platinum Fly More Bundle – Buy USED

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$ 1,299.00 $ 1,104.00
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Gladius Mini ROV – Underwater – Rental

Explore, capture, and share 4K UHD video and 12Mp photos of the world beneath the surface with the Gladius Mini Underwater ROV Kit from Chasing Innovation. This bundle includes the Gladius Mini vehicle and base station, a wireless transmitter/controller, batteries and chargers, a 32GB memory card, and a 100m tether. The contents of this versatile kit can be neatly stowed and easily transported in the supplied backpack.

$ 82.00
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PowerVision PowerRay Wizard Underwater Robot – Buy USED

The underwater experience you get from the PowerVision PowerRay Wizard and Zeiss VR One Plus Goggles is so immersive, you’ll be surprised your clothes aren’t wet.

$ 1,899.00 $ 1,499.00
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