Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Rent a Drone?

Easy Step-by-Step Process for Renting a Drone:
1) Go to the menu and pick which drone you would like to rent. We are always considering new rentals, so if you don’t see what you what, let us know and we will look into it.
2) Select the number of days you want the rental (1-21 days) and add to cart. Drone will arrive (for shipping) or be picked up (for local pickup) on the day you specify as the start date. Drone will need to be shipped back or dropped off on the end date you choose. Start and end dates cannot be on Sunday or on U.S. Holidays. Custom rental periods are available upon request by contacting us.
3) Add Optional EPP insurance to your cart. Please note that this coverage is limited to the items listed. Please see that section in this FAQ page or in the Rental Agreement.
4) Please note that a refundable deposit will automatically be added to your cart. See the deposit FAQ section for more info on that.
5) Go to checkout page and complete the process. In the order notes: you can type special instructions, request accessories, specify timing or ask any questions (you can use the contact link to ask questions as well). Select the appropriate shipping option. All shipping options include outbound and return shipping costs. Choose local shipping if you are in one of our local metropolis areas. If you are ordering less than 3 full business days from your start date then please choose either 2 day or 1 day shipping. Otherwise choose regular shipping.
6) After accepting the Terms & Conditions you will be re-directed to the Paypal website to make payment. You do not need a PayPal account in order to pay. Any major credit card can be used. If you have an email address associated with a PayPal account and do not want to use your PayPal account then you will need to use an email address not associated with a PayPal account. If you have problems please contact us and we can send you a direct invoice.

How do I Pay for a Drone Rental?

Complete the order process as described above. At checkout, after entering your information, you will be directed to the secured Paypal website.

How do I Reserve a Drone for Specific Dates?

Complete the order process as described above and select the start and end date of your rental. Your rental begins when it arrives to your location (for shipping) or when you pickup (for local pickup). Your rental ends when you ship back or drop off. We will contact you if there are any problems.
The drone will arrive by the end of the day that you specify as the start date. The drone must be shipped back on or before the end date you specify.

Does the Rental Period Include Shipping Transit Time?

No. The rental period begins the day you receive the drone and ends the day you ship back. For example a 3 day rental could start on a Friday and would end on Monday. A drone rental cannot start or end on a Sunday or a US holiday.

Where do you Ship to?

We will ship a drone rental to you anywhere in the U.S. Standard and expedited shipping is available.

What is the EPP and What Does it Cover?

Optional Equipment Protection Plan (EPP)–Available optionally per rental. If purchased, the EPP shall cover any damage to blades, batteries, wifi extender, landing gear, remote, or battery charger. Damaged Equipment must be returned. Lost or missing equipment is NOT covered under the EPP. Damage due to water, sand, or other contaminants, or negligence is NOT covered. Please notify us of any damage before the equipment is shipped back.

Can I Travel with the Drone Rental?

Yes. We have people take our drones to all sorts of exotic locations both domestically and internationally. You should select a start date a few days before your trip so you have time to test the drone and become familiar with it before your trip. You are responsible to investigate any rules associated with travel. Please remember to pack the drone and especially the gimbal and camera with care so that they are not damaged in transit. If you are traveling internationally please note that in the order notes when you make the order. That way we can offer tips to help your trip be a success.

Why is a Deposit Required?

The deposit is used similar to when you rent an apartment, vacation rental, or tool rental. The landlord/Lessor holds the deposit to secure their asset. Sending a drone across the country to someone presents a business risk. This is how we mitigate our risk. We do not put holds on credit cards. You do the transaction through the secure Paypal site. The deposit will be refunded to you when the drone is returned, provided no uncovered/major damage or missing parts has occurred.

When do I have to Pay the Deposit?

Typically, the deposit is added to the cart at the same time as the drone rental. If you are scheduling a drone rental far in advance then you can pay the deposit up to one week before the rental start date.

What Training Information is Available?

Please see for manuals, documentation, FAQ, Specs, videos, and more. It is recommended that you spend some time on DJI’s website going through the electronic manuals and the training videos that are available while you are waiting for your drone to arrive.

I have Never Flown a Drone before. What Advice do you have?

Our drones are fairly easy to fly right out of the box. The drones are GPS stabilized so that they will hold their position if you let the sticks spring back to center. Because of the stabilization features, our drones are actually much easier to fly than most smaller “toy” RC aircraft. Please read and follow our recommended practices (see below) and you should have a good experience. You can look through some tutorial videos on and also read through the quickstart guide there before your drone rental arrives.

What if I Live close to a Local Pickup Location but I don’t Want Drive to the Pick-up Location?

No Problem! We will ship to you! Choose the local area shipping at checkout.

Do you Offer Any Deals or Promotions?

Yes, from time to time. Contact Us for more information.

What if I have Made Payment and Need to Cancel?

Try to notify us as soon as you know you need to cancel. If the drone has shipped, then the rental cannot be cancelled. If the drone has not shipped yet, then you can reschedule for another time or you can cancel. A cancellation fee may apply depending on how much notice you have given before your start date.

What Condition will I Receive the Drone Rental?

All of our drones are flight tested and inventoried before they are sent out to assure proper function. That being said, it is your responsibility to verify correct operation the day you receive the drone and notify us immediately of any perceived issues or pre-existing damage.

The Drone is Saying that a Firmware Update is Required, What Should I Do?

All of our drones are flight tested and inventoried before they are sent out to assure proper function. We strive to keep all firmware up to date, though sometimes the timing of a firmware release and our shipping schedule doesn’t allow this. If firmware is not updated, you do not have to update it, we will do it when you ship back. If you choose to upgrade the firmware then please refer to for instructions and downloads for the specific model. Please note that there is a separate process for the remote and the drone and both need to be done in order for the drone to function properly.

What Recommended Practices do You Have for Drone Operation?

Obstacles, obstacles, obstacles. Hitting a tree, building, or other obstruction is the most common (and very preventable) cause of a crash. PRACTICE IN AN OPEN AREA AWAY FROM OBSTACLES. When you are experienced, remember to glance regularly from the APP to the drone, or better yet, use an observer to help you watch the drone and assure avoidance of obstacles.
Do not endanger people or property
Do not fly in a reckless or uncontrolled manner
Do not fly out of line of sight
Do not fly at night
Do not fly over 400 ft above ground level
Do not fly within a 5 mi radius of airport without Air Traffic Control (ATC) approval
Do not fly near manned aircraft or any other unmanned aircraft. Unmanned aircraft must yield the right of way to manned aircraft at all times. If you hear an aircraft in the area, lower the drone altitude until the manned aircraft is spotted and assured to be out of your area of operation.
Do not fly in areas of magnetic or electromagnetic interference or disturbance
Do not start a flight on a metal surface such as a sewer cover or metal truck bed
Do not stand directly under the drone
Do not fly over others
Do not fly close to radio, cell, or microwave towers that could interfere with the drone
Do not fly drone when it is below 30% battery life (as indicated in the APP)
Do not fly in high winds
Do not fly in the rain or other inclement weather
Do not land in wet grass or mud
Do not takeoff or land in sand or dust
Do not fly on cold soaked batteries (equipment left in the cold will not function properly).
Do not wait for the low battery warning to land the drone. The low battery warning goes off at 30% battery, plan accordingly and land before battery hits 30%.
Always review training videos and the quick start guide online at before your drone rental arrives
Always give right of way to manned aircraft
Always read and follow the Quick Start guide exactly before every flight
Always perform compass calibration before every flight.
Always practice and learn to fly in an open area grass field away from people, buildings, and trees.
Always scout out your flight area before you actually start the drone. Take note of tree limbs, buildings, people, other obstacles and uneven terrain that may be near your flight path. Use of an observer is recommended to watch the drone at all times while the pilot flies.
Always place black rotors on the 2 black posts and the silver rotors on the silver posts. NOTE THAT THAT THE BLACK ROTORS SCREW ON COUNTER CLOCKWISE.
Always fly in an open area over soft ground until you are comfortable with the control and operation of the drone
Always assure battery is firmly locked in place securely before flying
Always calibrate compass correctly (will not work indoors) before every flight
Always assure both S1 and S2 switches are up in flight (Vision, Vision Plus, and Phantom 3 Standard models)
Always assure a full charge on batteries, wifi extender, and remote before flight
Always land the drone immediately if any abnormal operation is noticed or an error message comes up on the FPV screen.
Always land the drone immediately if a low battery warning is given.
Remember that a drone flying up to 30+ mph has a lot of inertia and the forward movement of the drone will continue for some distance even after you have begun to redirect the drone. Plan ahead for obstacle avoidance.
Remember that as the operator you should always be in control and are ultimately responsible. Even if you choose to use automatic flight modes such as return to home, auto-takeoff, auto-land, waypoints, ActiveTrack, Point of Interest, Follow Me, TapFly etc you should always be ready to immediately override the automatic modes and take back control. Use of automatic flight modes is at your own risk. Toggling the function switch on the remote and then back to GPS will allow you to immediately take over any automatic mode–Practice it and make it instinct before you use any automatic flight modes.
Remember that if the drone is far from you it will take time and consume battery power to get back to you. Plan accordingly, watching the battery percentage as you fly.
Consider doing an IMU, gimbal, compass, and remote calibration if the drone seems to not be responding appropriately.

What Happens if I Crash the Drone Rental?

If you follow the above recommended practices you should have a great rental experience. If the drone is crashed, please notify us immediately of the damage and we will assist with the process from there.

Do you Sell Drones?

Yes! We sell both new and used drones. Contact us for discounts off retail prices of new drones. You can also try a used drone before you buy.

Do you Repair Drones?

Yes! Contact Us and tell us what happened, what the drone is / is not doing and some pictures. We will send you a rough estimate for the drone repair (And get the drone back to you much quicker than DJI’s 6 week turnaround!)

Will you be Getting Other Drone Models for Rent?

Yes. We are always looking to expand our offerings. Contact us if you are interested in a specific model that you don’t see on our site and we will look into getting it in stock.

Do I have to Pick the Drone Up?

Definitely not! We will ship to your location anywhere in the United States!

How Does Local Pickup Work?

If you are near one of our listed local pickup locations, make an order online and specify local pickup at checkout. After we have received your order we will confirm availability with you and schedule a time and place for pickup. We also give a short demo of the drone operation. Please note that we usually keep our fleet pretty busy so you might want to make an order at least 3 business days ahead of when you want a drone.

What is the Payload Capacity of the Drones?

Payloads below are additional payload capacities in addition to carrying the cameras. With the camera removed, the payload increases slightly.
2 lb for the Phantom 2 Vision Plus
3 lb for the Phantom 3 Pro
9 lb for the S900

What are the Terms and Conditions for Drone Rental?

See the “Drone Rental Lease Agreement”

After Renting a Drone, Can I keep it for Longer?

Yes! Just notify us by using the Contact Us page and we can provide you a custom quote for your extension! Extensions are subject to availability, but we will give you a deal most of the time if we can.

What if I would like to Buy the Drone I have Rented?

No problem! We sell drone rentals all the time! By renting to you, we are secretly getting you hooked! Just contact us via the contact page and we can provide you a custom quote. Quotes will vary based on the age of each drone. Contact as soon as possible into your rental if you would like to buy.

Is there Insurance Available for the Drone Rental?

Yes, we do offer limited insurance coverage. See the “Optional EPP Insurance” page. Please read and understand the things it does cover. If it is not listed, it is not covered.

I have a Gopro, can I use it with the DJI drones?

No. The DJI drones come with an integrated camera. In the case of the Phantom 3 Professional, the camera is in some regards superior to the Gopro because it shoots 4k video like the Gopro, but with a distortion free lens.

What Video Formats are the DJI Cameras Compatible With?

Phantom 3 shoots in MP4, MOV (MPEG-4 AVC & H.264). AVID accepts these containers. For further information on video output compatibility, please see the DJI website.